Velboy Ltd. is a company, successor of Velboy 13 – Velichka Angelova ST, founded in 1993. From 2009 we offer saplings and seedlings of the species Paulownia elongata and Paulownia tomentosa and also their frost-resistant hybrid. These are highly – promising trees, offering answers to many pressing issues. Now we start trading with paulownia wood. Our purpose is 7-8 years later the material of that tree to be rather popular at our market and the demand of it to be met mainly by buying the wood from people, having plantations of paulownia in Bulgaria. In April 2010 we planted test fields which we are able to show to the people who are interested. Pictures from the stages we shall post in our blog.

Sincerely yours, Boyan Angelov

Video from Paulownia.bg

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